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“There were many ‘laugh out loud’ moments in this super fun show that is definitely great for the whole family” Eventalaide 

“Jam packed with action and wondrous feats” Drew Ames  


“One of a kind and definitely worth seeing, if not for the magic, then for the undoubtedly fun time you’ll have” Fringe Feed
“Humorous onstage antics and polished circus skills” Fringe Review

“Draw-dropping illusions and many laughs as The Quizzical Mr Jeff put on a show to remember “ Adelaide Food Centeral

“Very clever show that delights and excites” Sweetly Quirky kitty

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What I Do

Be Captivated


Stage Shows 
Cruise Ships, Arts Festivals, Corporate events

I was born to perform and let loose in front of an audience. I invite you to join me for a one-of-a-kind experience. I guarantee you and your guests will have an incredible time during my 20-50min Stage show.
My goal is to produce unforgettable performances accessible to all audiences. Get in touch with me to learn about my availability and rates.

Roving Acts 
Music Festivals , Private Events

I’m always a hit with my performances as a Roving Entertainer, I always manage to create an engaging and unforgettable interaction.

My LED Light suit is a wonder to behold!

Contact me to learn more about what I do best and what I can do for your next event.



Unforgettable Memories

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Mini Hoop Manipulation

This is no ordinary hoop act, Mr Jeff Brings 11 hoops to life in the stunning Mandalas and living geometry. This is a hard-hitting high energy act

Crystal Balls

This act is a beautiful and focused act, good for intimate audiences. Nimble fingers and stunning music bring this act to life!


Hat Juggling

Mr. Jeff is a brilliant hat juggler, this is a fun Ritzy act, It also has a second half with a hat stand and Jacket routine!

6 Foot Balloon Climb In

Always a crowd favorite Mr Jeff Does a full climb inside, Hilarity will ensue bringing out genuine belly laughs and a few tears to eyes!

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Cyr Wheel

This is an acrobatic wheel act, stunning to behold. It needs a big space to be performed . Minimum 7m x 7m

Flying Cane & Light Magic

Flying Cane is a stunning 3min act that will leave people wondering and wanting more.

Light magic is a light hearted magic routine 3min long with beautiful visual events


LED Star Man

This is a LED Suit roving character with a Crystal Ball. Simply beautiful to behold the ball looks like its floating and you can see a galaxy of stars inside

Mixed Bag Ringmaster Roving

This is a ringmaster character that can be color customized to your event bringing circus skills and entertainment to people all around your event. Mr Jeff will mingle meet and greet bringing smiles and wonder all around.


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